Soul Shower Cleansing Reiki Attunement


Cleansing Negative Karma, past lives


This attunement will be chi balled to you with a follow up reading on what I picked up while chi balling the attunement to you.

The purpose of The Soul Shower Cleansing Attunement is to work on past lives, present lives and future lives. In order to follow a clear and perfect path inlife, you must have a clear and healthy soul. Your soul comes into this lifetime with negative karma, which are the negative consequences from yourpast life actions. and then it picks up negative emotional debri along the way. This keeps you from experiencing love, pure joy, fulfillment, good health,prosperity and success. Your soul has chosen a life in your physical body, and now it’s up to you to create the most fullfilling life you can possible can for yourself.



Raising your life condition

Raising your money condition

Raising your success condition

Raising your abundance condition

Raising your health condition

Raising your joy condition

Raising your God connection

Raising your love condition

Raising your gratitude condition

Raising your confidence level

Raising your self worth

Stronger Connection to God

Releasing negative beliefs

Releasing negative karma

Increasing your psychic abilities

Increasing your passion for life

Increasing your income

Reaching your true life potential

Reaching your life potential

Lightening your soul



Emotional Healing

Sexual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Physical Healing


Sexual Intimacy

Increasing passion

Raising your libo

Bring in new Love

Improving Present Relationships

Healing Relationships

Letting go of the past

Removing Manifestation Blocks

…and so much more







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