Soul Survivor Triple Strength Cleansing Attunement


Find Love, Soul Mate, Positive Sexual Energy, Etc.


Soul Survivor Triple Strength Cleansing Attunement for Love, Sex & Romance – I am the founder – Added 4/16/11 

The prerequisite for the Soul Survivor TripleStrength Cleansing Attunement For Love, Sex & Romance is the Soul Shower Cleansing Attunement.

If you are part of my RAVING FAN CLUB, you are entitled to BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. You can then receive the Soul Shower Cleansing Attunement as your freebie choice once you have purchased Soul Survivor. CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY RAVING FAN CLUB BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE. You will receive 1 free Soul Mate Psychic Reading By Email. Free Attunement does not come with a reading.

This attunement counts as 3 attunements in packages.

Your attunement will be chi balled to you along with your FREE Future Soul Mate Psychic Reading by Email.

This attunement is perfect for anyone seeking divine soulutions in their love, sex and romantic life.

This attunement is for people who have difficulties in maintaining relationships. Perhaps you have a pattern of choosing emotionally unavailable men or women or you continually get into abusive relationships or choose wrong man or woman that won’t commit.


Adds “bling” and “excitement” to your relationship.

Improves the quality your relationship

Helps you find love

Helps you release past life negative love karma

Helps you release past life negative sex karma

Intensifies positive sexual energy

Helps you enjoy sex more

Helps you find your center and feel more balanced.

Helpsyou feel more peaceful

Helps heal inner child issues


Clears up guilt

Removes negative relationship patterns

Removes emotional baggage from the past.

Helps you to feel more connected to the present.

Increase the possibility of reuniting with a lover (if it is not against his or herwill)

Helps you open up your heart center, so that you can accept falling in love and beingloved

And so much more…..


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