The Cupid Attunement


Your own special journey of love and passion.


The Cupid Attunement – Brand New – I am the founder – OOH LA LA

I am pleased to introduce you to THE CUPID ATTUNEMENT. I am such a romantic that I couldn’t resist channeling this attunement, and I absolutely loved doing it. For me, meditating with Cupid is erotic sexy, and his energy and spiritual presence is full of fire. His feathers are ever so sensual, and he helps me to get in touch with the erotic side of me. Then are times when he is fun and playful, yet he I believe that he takes his “job” seriously as a God who finds love for mortals like us who believe in fairy tales and true love. It doesn’t mater whether you are a man or woman, you will absolutely love this attunement. He will take you on your own special journey of love and passion.


This attunement does have a 10 day hold on it for those who which to resell it on ebay or anywhere else. It is available for resale June 26, 2010, This attunement cannot be included in packages until the 26th. It can, however, be included in buy 1 get 1 free, but it cannot be the free choice until the 26th. It has to be the one you purchase.

Please send your picture and your 5 questions to You can have this attunement by chi ball or by appointment.


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