Venus Love And Lust Dream Reiki Attunement


Love, Sex, Fertility, Femininity, Victory, Fertility


The Venus Love and Lust Dream Reiki Attunement counts as 7 attunements in packages.

It comes with a mystery love reading (no questions).

This is both a Reiki Attunement and a Dream Programming System called Dream Reiki. If you wish to do both, please let me know if you want me to include the energy for having Venus come into your dreams.  The instructions for both the Reiki Attunement and the Dream Programming System are included in the manual (if you wish to do both).

Venus  is known as the Roman goddess of love, feminine beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. Aphrodite is her Greek Counterpart being the Goddess Of Love. Roman Venus had many abilities beyond Aphrodite, because she was a goddess of victory, fertility, and even prostitution

If you are looking to manifest a new lover/soul mate or recreate the passion in a  relationship that has gone stale and boring,  Venus is your Goddess.  She can stimulate and raise your sexual and sensual vibrations and help you to feel more sexually and emotionally alive. 

When I program Venus into my dreams, she seems dedicated to helping me work on opening me up to love and pointing me in the direction of true love. I feel a nurturing and loving energy with her.  Sometimes when I meditate with her, the energy is quite sexual. This combination Dream Reiki Attunement and Dream Programming System will bring powerful results.  It depends on the results that you would like to create for 


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