Copia Goddess of Abundance Attunement


abundant joy, spirituality, love,, passion,,health,  success, opportunities.


This attunement was founded by Rosemary Noel, and it comes with a 10 page manual.

You will receive this attunement by chi ball along with a free MYSTERY LIFE PSYCHIC READING (no questions).

When Zeus was playing with the goat Amalthea (Amaltheia), he accidentally broke off one of her horns. To atone for this, Zeus promised Amalthea that the horn would always be full of whatever fruits she desired. Thus the horn of plenty (cornucopia) represents inexhaustible riches.

Are you experiencing a challenging cycle in your life either job loss, lack of work in your field, self-employed and going through a tough time or unable to work because of health issues? Whatever the need, Goddess Copia will bring your hearts desire and assist you in protecting what she brings.

Copia means abundance brings money, success, good fortune, wealth, opportunity and abundance of all things good to those that call on her. Copia is the great provider and being attuned to the energy of Goddess Copia brings her abundant energies around you all the time. She will fill your life with abundance in all areas; abundant joy, abundant spirituality, abundant love, abundant passion, abundant health, abundant success, and abundant opportunities.

During my attunement to Copia, she brought my inner child to me and told me to tell her that SHE/I deserved prosperity.

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This attunement can be sent to you by appointment or by chi ball. If by appointment, we will choose a time where you can meditate for at least 30-60 minutes.


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