Empowered Goddess Within Attunement


Sexual Appeal, Beauty, Sexual Confidence, Abundance, Success

Empowered Goddess Within Attunement by Rosemary Noel – Received By Chi Ball with manual and follow up psychic reading. This psychic reading does not include questions. It is whatever I pick up when chi balling your attunement to you.


The Empowered Goddess Within Attunement counts as 2 in attunement packages.

A Goddess is our inner God in the feminine form, also known as the Divine Mother. She resides in the heart of every woman. The Empowered Goddess Within Empowerment Attunement is designed to help you as a woman and a goddess break free of your limiting belief patterns, social and religious conditioning, sexual dysfunction, emotional wounding from your spouse or significant other, submission patterns, victim mentality and any negative imprinting which inhibits you from rebirthing your true expression and growth this lifetime.


  • Sexual Assurance
  • Sex Appeal & Beauty
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Wisdom
  • Renewal
  • Release of Sadness, Fear and Anguish
  • Backbone
  • Inspiration & Fortitude
  • Purification of Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Concentration, Clarity and Focus
  • Restoration of your Authentic Self
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Balance
  • Assertion
  • Abundance
  • Success


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