Goddess Aurora Attunement


Goddess Aurora Attunement – By Rosemary Noel


GODDESS AURORA (As per Rosemary Noel) counts as 4 attunements in packages.

Aurora is the winged goddess of the morning, Each morning she awakens refreshed, renewed and luminous to fill the sky with the brilliant colors of the sun. Aurora brings offerings of the dawn’s hopeful, renewing energy. When you attune yourself to Aurora, you receive the energy of rejuvenation and assistance in creating a divine new beginning for yourself, It clears away what is hindering your growth, development and potential.

Aurora was beautiful beyond measure and her beauty inspires passion. Her beauty withstands the test of time, so you can invoke her for her fountain of youth beauty.

Roman Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora, was known to the Greeks as Eos.

By Invoking Aurora, you can shift and change any part of your life that you desire to change – career, money, love, joy, passion, beauty or to perk up a stale and boring love life. She will assist in clearing and cleansing wounds of the heart.


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