Goddess Lilith Attunement


Sensuality, Erotica, Liberation, Rebirth

Goddess Lilith Attunement  includes a manual which is sent to you when the Goddess Lilith Attunement is chi balled to you. 

FOUNDER: ROSEMARY NOEL – This attunement comes with a manual and has a preset price of $20 set by the founder.


Discover, explore and attune yourself to the sensuality, eroticism and power of the Goddess Lilith, She is an archetypal power that can be discovered within yourself. This could be the beginning of your liberation. May this initiation and empowerment empower you to stand in your own power. Let it bring rebirth and honor. Let it initiate you and allow you to full express your personal freedom and sexual passion. Rise up to strengh and reclaim your own divinity as the Goddess that you are.

THIS ATTUNEMENT WILL BE sent by chi ball, so you can meditate when you call in the energies of Goddess Lilith. Please set aside between 30 and 60 minutes for this attunement, to allow the energy to flow for maximum resu.lts.




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