Goddess Oya Attunement


Magick & Psychic workings, increase Money Flow, Affairs Of The Heart



YOU WILL RECEIVE MANUAL WHEN YOU PURCHASE GODDESS OYA + an email that she has been chi balled to you. A psychic reading does not come with this attunement. .

This was such a cool attunement for me. During my meditation, Oya put a purple amethyst crystal necklace around my neck. I AM READY TO TRANSFORM NOW.

An attunement to Goddess Oya will help with divination, Magick & Psychic workings, increase Money Flow, justice and settling Disputes in your Favor, to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over, for protection in conflicts, for retribution, to bring forth change and for assistance in affairs of the heart.

Oya’s Characteristics are Persuasive Charm, Leadership, Forgets Nothing, Power, Shrewdness, Determination, Mystery, Sensuality, Intuitiveness, Warrior Spirit.


This attunement was written and created by Rosemary Noel, and you will receive the manual, so you can attune yourself at anytime or even pass it on to others.


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