Heart Chakra Flush Attunement


Love, Opening Up & Clearing Heart Chakra – By Rosemary Noel – Inc. 75 word mystery love reading (No Questions).



You will receive a FREE approx. 75 word Mystery Love Reading (no questions) with the Heart Chakra Flush Attuement + the manual when it is chi balled to you.

Counts as 2 choices in packages (as per Rosemary)

The love center is known as the heart chakra (Anahata). The heart chakra rules over the heart, circulatory system, respiratory system, arms, shoulders, hands, diaphragm, ribs, breasts and thymus gland, blood, rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts,esophagus, shoulders, arms and hands.

The Heart Chakra cannot receive love if it is covered with grief, anger, fear of betrayal, loneliness, hatred, rejection issues, etc. It is the center for unconditional love, empathy, selflessness and devotion the heart chakra motivates us to love, be compassionate, unselfish and to give.


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