Goddess Isolt Attunement


Dreamy romance, new love, passion, lost loves, fertility


Goddess Isolt Attunement  (Attunements that are under $25.00 do not receive a free psychic reaing.

For singles and couples

Includes manual and chi ball.

$20.00 PRICE SET BY FOUNDER: Rev. Tracy Loper

This attunement was so cool, because by the end of my meditation I felt like a sex Goddess. : –)

Goddess Isolt’s energy works at a very high frequency, and her energy beam spreads when one taps into it. She can invoked to sprinkle herenergy like fairy dust on any situation. Her energy is heavenly; and, therefore, very genuine, deep and playful. Her love is all consuming. Her energy is not only a very strong healing energy, but it has an attracting force.She promotes devoted love and helps one to improve sexual expression within a relationship. Goddess Isolt teaches us about the power, endurance and unity of love. She can be called upon to assist with the healing of break-ups, lost love, separations and divorces, and she helps to reconnect a relationship. She can be invoked to stimulate romance and love and revive and reignite passion in a relationship.

She teaches us to be comfortable with sexual expressions and pleasures. Further, she conveys that our sexual powers ARE NOT BAD as they are given as gifts of the divine to be sued with great wisdom and in love; therefore, they should be loathed but treasured. SHE WANTS US TO BE AWARE OF OUR SEXUAL POWER. Her personality is full of love, fantasy and dreamy romance, which she lends to us through her radiant energies. SHE CAN ALSO BE INVOKED TO ATTRACT NEW LOVE AND ROMANCE INTO OUR LIVES, AND SHE CAN ALSO BE INVOKED TO MANAGE ACCOUNTING, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE,RELATIONSHIPS, SEXUALITY AND FERTILITY.

When you call in your chi ball, I encourage you to stay in your meditation for as long as the energy is flowing through you. It is strongly recommended that you pick a time when there is no one around, and it is just you and a quiet room and when you will have 30-60 minutes of uninterrupted time. If you desire, add some soft music candles to assist you in your meditation and perhaps even draw a bubble bath. Immediately after your attunement and healing, you will receive the answers to your free Questions about your lover or love life in general + channelled psychic reading through Isolt immediately after your attunement (by Email).


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