Parental Pattern Flush Attunement


Flush away undesirable patterns.


Parental Pattern Flush Attunement – By Mariah Windsong – Added 6/22/11 – Includes follow up psychic reading

The Parental Pattern Flush Attunement is an energy that can flush away undesirable patterns we’ve acquired from our parents or patterns that we do not want to inadvertently pass down to our children.

When we’ve lived around someone, it is easy to develop negative patterns in life- even when we don’t want to. Parental Pattern Flush works with your higher self and soul to help free you of limitation resulting from how you were raised. Genetic predispositions to mental disorders and pessimistic attitudes on life can also flush away, freeing you to more consciously choose your responses to life.

If you are a parent, and have struggled with reactions or patterns in life that unfortunately resemble those you saw your parents struggle with; Parental Pattern Flush™ can free you and your children from these patterns.

You can activate Parental Pattern Flush for both yourself and your children often!


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