Pixie Unicorn Attunement


Heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Pixie Unicorn Attunement + 2 Minute Voice Email Reading

The 2 Minute Voice Email Reading is sent to you in a wave for you to download and listen to.

The Pixie Unicorn Reiki Empowerment was founded by Linda Colibert, and it connects you to the Pixie Unicorns and helps you with healing, laughter, and joy. The Pixie Unicorns are very small Unicorns that reside in the Fairy Realm. They are happy and love to make you laugh. They are always around you, living in both the countyside and big cities. Since they are so small, they can live just about anywhere. Connecting with them will draw help you to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, though their energies are strongest when helping you to heal from some emotional trauma, or emotional pain. Call on the Pixie Unicorns to spread joy and happiness throughout your life, and to help you heal relationships and broken hearts.

Please send your picture and your question to pinklady420@aol.com. This attunement can be done in real time or chi balled to you.


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