Rainbow Water Attunement


Helps us to strengthen the immune system, restructures DNA, enhances the generation of negative ions.


Rainbow Water Attunement – By Hari Winarso – Added 8/5/11 – Includes follow up psychic reading

This attunement counts as 4 attunements in packages.

RAINBOW WATER REIKI is an extremely beneficial energetic tool in our daily life. This energetic tool channeled and designed primary to affects your ability to express your thoughts and emotional feelings. Rainbow Water useful in the reduction of depression as well as stress. It is used to halt obsessive thoughts, and relieves despondency, as well as overcomes insomnia. Rainbow Water is supportive in releasing one from addictions and complains of all kinds, including anorexia. . This tool helps us to strengthen the immune system, restructures DNA, enhances the generation of negative ions. It relieve allergies, exhaustion, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. It is detoxifier for the skin and connective tissue. It is an extraordinarily powerful agent for calming and healing, especially in the emotional areas. It is not only beneficial in our physical and mental body, but also in our spiritual body … It carried to promote spirituality. It is a energy carried to attract good luck, it also drives off negativity and strenthens your immune system.

SPECIAL NOTE – 8/5/11 -: I purchased this attunement for strengthening my immune system due to a virus in my cochlear ear.. After the first time I called it in, I awakened at 3Am with some wierd negative energy hoovering around my right ear. I asked it to leave if it wasn’t in the light. After I settled down to sleep finally. I dreamed that I walked into my house and everything was itopsy turvey. In my dream 8i told myself it was the virus that had done this. When you dream about a house, in most cases you are dreaming about your body. Then i heard someone screaming outside and I found in my dream the police handcuffing my virus in human form. It had been arrestesd.


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