Shining Soul Reiki Attunement


Conquer physical illnesses, lift depression, anger, clear abundance issues& open the door to more love in our lives.


Shining Soul Reiki Attunement + Free Follow Up Psychic Reading (no questions)

The founder of the Shining Soul Reiki is HARI ANDRE WINARSO, and he has developed a very unique and excellent reiki system that works as karmic healing, karmics clearing, or karmic removal. Shining Soul Reiki is the repatterning of old/negative beliefs and programs learned during childhood and passed on from generation to generation, which keep us from achieving what we want in life. We are unaware of many of these beliefs and programs. The Shining Soul Reiki will help us to conquer physical illnesses, lift depression and anger, clear abundance issues and open the door to more love in our lives.

This attunement comes with a 17 page manual, which you will receive upon payment through paypal. Your attunement will be chi balled to you


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