Yoni Healing & Rejuvenation Attunement


Two Levels of Yoni Healing & Rejuvenation. Attunement by Rosemary Noel. Includes follow up psychic reading.


Yoni Healing & Rejuvenation Attunement – By Rosemary Noel – Added 10/5/11 – Incl. follow up psychic reading

Yoni Healing and Rejuvenation Attunement as 2 levels. Both levels have to be a week apart (as per Rosemary). Resellers must wait 14 days to sell Yoni Heaing and Rejuvenation.

This attunement will help you with:

  • Shakti Power
  • Sexual Essence Enhancement
  • Yin-Yang Balancing
  • Chakra – Nadi Balancing
  • Heightened G-Spot Response
  • Becoming In Sync with your Body
  • Becoming In Sync with your Partner
  • Enhanced Sensitivity
  • Development of Stronger and more Lasting Yoni Orgasm
  • Sexual Creativity
  • Awakening Inherent Sacred Spiritual Sexuality
  • Heightened States of Consciousness In Orgasm
  • Grounding & Centering
  • Healthy Reproductive System
  • Reduction of Painful Intercourse & Other Yoni Physical Symptoms
  • Sexual Imprint Removal
  • Yoni Trauma Removal
  • Emotional, Physical & Ancestrial Healing


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