4 Seasons Reiki Attunement


Coordinate seasonal energies with your personal life goals


4 Seasons Reiki Attunement by Argandini Titsari – Added 1/21/11 – Includes 200 word follow up psychic reading

The 4 Seasons Reiki Attunement counts as 2 attunements in packages.

include with the 4 Seasons Attunement is a 200 word follow up psychic reading on the important aspects that I picked up during your attunement and some future points. If you have a specific question, please send it with your picture to pinklady420@aol.com. Your question must be in 2 lines or less; otherwise, it will not be answered.

The seasons are a division of the year, marked by changes in weather. Each season has its own unique energy and you can learn to listen how its energy effect you. You can also coordinate seasonal energies with your personal life goals. The unique energy of each season corresponds to and affects changes in your body, mind, spirit and environment – as well with others. Although each season’s energy works in you as an individual – you can coordinate with your personal goals.


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