Emotional Freedom Attunement


Recover from negative patterns & emotions quickly


Emotional Freedom Attunement – New by Hari – POWERFUL – – Added 12/9/10 – Includes a free follow psychic reading

The Emotional Freedom Reiki Attunement counts as 6 attunements in packages.

Immediately after your attunement, you will receive your free psychic  reading ( no questions. It’s whatever I channel), the manual and your chi ball.

Emotional Freedom Reiki is a new easy and very effective reiki method. It is based on the understanding that the mind, body and emotions are integrated and connected.

It is an energetic system that can be worn or carried to give you that boost of positive energy. It serves to filter and transform negative frequencies of energy into frequencies that are beneficial to life. A human being that experiences these energy frequencies feels peaceful, content and energized.

This attunement will also help you recover from negative emotions and patterns more quickly. Feel harmony and acceptance about your troubles, and then release them. Make the healing process more simply, joyful, and powerful.

If you love and continually repeat affirmations like I do. this attunement will Make your positive affirmations many times stronger.


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