Get Unstuck Attunement


An energetic booster shot to help you get moving again.


Get Unstuck Attunement. You will receive a free channelled psychic reading on what I picked up while chi balling your attunement to you. NO QUESTIONS

This attunement is not available as part of packages.

The Get Unstuck Empowerment serves as an energetic booster shot to help you (or your client) get moving after a period of personal inertia or lethargy. This energy is good for those times when you feel stuck in a rut and you’re not sure what to do to get out of it. It will help to get the energy moving so thathings in life can start going in the right direction. It will help shift your energy so you can be open to new opportunities and new challenges in your life. It will help you find the resources that you may need to get started on your new life adventure.

THIS ATTUNEMENT WILL BE CHI BALLED TO YOU AT AN UNSPECIFIED TIME along with the manual, so you can meditate while I am doing the attunement. When making your appointment, please allow between 30 and 60 minutes for your meditation to receive the maximum benefit of your attunement and healing.This attunement was channelled and compiled by Stephanie Brail. Upon payment through paypal, you will receive the manual.

After this attunement, you will be able to reattune yourself anytime you want.


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