Heartbreak Healing Reiki Attunement


Heartbreak Healing Reiki Attunement


Heartbreak Healing Reiki Attunement – New by Argandini Titisari – Incl. 100 word psychic reading

Heartbreak is caused by the end of relationship. It can also be caused when we fail to get a relationship we fervently desire. We can be angry, sad, devastated, despairing, distraught, desperate, remorseful, regretful, ashamed, embarrassed. The emotional bombardment is overwhelming.

Common symptoms of a broken heart are:

  • Anxiety attack
  • Stomach ache and/or loss of appetite
  • Partial or complete insomnia
  • Anger
  • Shock
  • Nostalgia
  • Apathy (loss of interest)
  • Feeling of loneliness,
  • Hopelessness
  • Despair
  • Loss of self respect and/or self esteem
  • Medical or psychological illness (for example depression)
  • Suicidal thoughts (in extreme cases)


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