Karmic Council Attunement


Find your Karmic Balance


Karmic Council Attunement by Gabriela Szafman – Includes 150 word psychic reading

This attunement counts as 2 attunements in packages.

You will receive your 150 word psychic reading immediately after your attunement.

Karma is personal debts contracted by the spirit during its existence. All of us, as evolving spirits, come into this lifetime with karma to pay. We’re on this plane of existence to rescue our karmic debts and then walk destined for perfection.

The Lords of Karma, is a Council of Bright Spirits that received from God, the mission to take care of the spirits that are evolving. Thus, there is a Council of Lords of karma, which addresses the evolution of the spirits incarnated on Planet Earth.

The Karmic Board is formed by the Beings of Light, also called “Lords of Karma” that monitor the Karmic balance of Terrestrial Humanity, especially in these times of Cosmic Transition. Eight Ascended Masters form the Council of Karma.

These Masters are responsible for administering justice (order / divine organization) on our planet Earth.They decide which portion of karma (positive or negative) that each person should receive during their life on Earth.

When we achieve the victory of the manifestation of our divine plan and consume our negative karma, then we will go to the I AM Presence, the Beloved Holy Christ Self (our Higher Self) and the Council of Karma, which will decree the right to free ourselves from the treadmill of reincarnations.


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