Lilac Power Attunement


Purify your mind and soul, expunge negativity in your environment


Lilac Power Attunement – By Elaine De Carlo – Added 8/28/11 – Includes follow up psychic reading

The Lilac Power Attunement Counts as 2 Attunements in Packages.

Some of the benefits are:

  • To purify mind & soul!
  • To draw more love of any kind into your life!
  • To draw more friendship into your life!
  • To bring about more harmony with Nature and the Fairies!
  • To increase the body’s natural healing mechanisms!
  • To uplift a mental state!
  • To raise the Kundalini gently, also offers ease in balancing chakras!
  • To quiet a conflicted and worried mind!
  • To improve memory!
  • To add protection from negative entities and energies!
  • To expunge any negativity in environment!
  • To enhance creativity and clairvoyance!
  • To help bring about a clear complexion! & Many more positive changes as varies from individual to individual


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