Negative Patterns Blasting


Clear out patterns associated with anger, impatience, and more.


Negative Patterns Blasting – By Argandini Titisari – Added 3/18/11 – Includes follow up psychic reading

Negative Patterns Blasting Attunement counts as 4 attunements in packages.

The purpose of this energetic system is to clear out patterns, programs, beliefs, feelings, memories and behaviors around and associated with anger, impatience, rage, road rage, resentment and berserker genetics. This includes expressed, repressed and suppressed anger, rage and resentment. This energy also transmutes beliefs, feelings, memories and past experiences that may reinforce or support anger, rage, resentment, road rage and impatience. It helps you to clear, heal and release stuck emotions and negative emotional programming. It also helps you to feel more positive about your life and to be more fluid emotionally.

The Negative Patterns Blasting Attunement has 3 symbols :

  • Negative Patterns Blasting
  • Transmutation
  • Unconditional Love Infusion.


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