Peace of Eurine Reiki Attunement


Remove stress from your life and stop worrying about the past, present or future.


Peace of Eurine Reiki Attunement + 3 Min. Voice 2 Email Psychic Reading sent to you in a wave file for you to listen to.

Psychic Reading sent AFTER your attunement

The Attunement itself has a set price of $15 set by the founder, Tracy Loper


The energy of Goddess Eirene infused in the attunement will remove stress from your life so that things do not worsen and so that you can stop worrying about the past, present or future.

This system carries a serene and tranquil energy that is like balm to the soul. It will lift you up and bring you peace and calmness. It will rid you of the self sabotaging tendency towards to allow issues in life to bog you down.This all loving power will carry and support youcompletely in all areas of your life. It will bring feelings ofgratitude into your heart so that you can attract moreblessings and abundance into your life.The energy carries an attracting power for abundance,prosperity and money. As well, it will serve as a protectionof your abundance.

The Peace of Eirene Reiki energy will help you to rid yourself of lower natures such as over analyzing and thinking, worrying and obsessing over situations andproblems in your life so that you do not feel negative or depressed and bring more negativity into your life.It will assist you in the process of learning, growing andperfecting your soul. The peaceful healing energy will help you to endure hardships in your life and bring you asense of great joy even in the midst of trials and chaotictimes in your life.

It will instill faith that the Divine will take away all yourworries and cares in life and answer your prayers.This healing energy will help you to look at the positive things you have in your life and let go of the rest.When your life is hectic, chaotic or out of balance thehealing energy can quiet the mind so your mental andphysical can act as one. The energy will encourage you to nurture yourself.After you have made your purchase through paypal, please email me at with a clear picture of yourself.


Int his distant reiki attunement, we will set up a specific day time for us to do the Attunement. I encourage you to stay in for as long as the energy is flowing through you. It is strongly recommended that you pick a time when there is noone around, and it is just you and a quiet room for 30 and 60 minutesfor your attunement, so you can meditate without interruption. If you desire, add some soft music, candles to assist you in your meditationand perhaps even draw a bubble bath. If you are outside of the US orCanada, all communication will be done by email or skype.


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