Pure Heart of Dove Healing Empowerment Attunement


Release anger and resentment.


Pure Heart of Dove Healing Empowerment Attunement – New By Elaine De Carlo – Added 2/4/11 – Includes 150 word psychic reading

Counts as 2 in packages

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The benefits of the Pure Heart Dove Healing Empowerment will help you with the following:

  • Understanding the Dove as your Totem Animal
  • Help to Release Anger & Resentment
  • Improve and Promote Harmony in Relationships
  • Improved Energies to Attract Opposite Sex
  • Connecting with Feminine Loving Energies
  • Balancing of Male/Female Energies within
  • Calming Mental Discord
  • Reducing overall Stress
  • Energetic Healing and Balancing
  • Promoting positive energies surrounding your aura
  • Manifesting Positive Change in Your Life
  • Removing Blocks
  • Strengthening in Healing Abilities
  • Manifesting whatever that you wish!!!!


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