Root Chakra Realignment


Unlock your root chakra from unhealthy positionings with people.


Root Chakra Realignment by Mariah Windsong – Added 11/4/10 – Includes follow up psychic reading


A purpose of the Root Chakra Realignment Attunement is to unlock your root chakra from unhealthy positionings with people. It is very effective when you wish to completely separate from a person and useful when you wish to eliminate an unhealthy pattern of connection and start new with the same person.

You’ve asked the universe why, if he/she’s not for you, are you still thinking about and longing for him/her, even after declaring that this is “SO, OVER!” When we’ve felt desire and grown love for a person, especially if there has ever been a positive response from him/her, and even more so if we’ve been sexually active, we lock into position with that person energetically.

Root Chakra Re-Alignment will unlock your root chakra from a person and give you a new start. No longer will you feel like a toy whose emotions are flung here and there by him/her.


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