Social Outcast Reversal Attunement


Increase your ability to navigate social situations.


Social Outcast Reversal Attunement – By Marish Windsong – Added 1/26/12 – Includes Follow Up Psychic Reading

Social Outcast Reversal may assist with, but is not limited to:

  • Reversing your feelings of being an outcast.
  • Reverse a situation where you were ostracized and shut out.
  • Influence others to be accepting of you.
  • Flush away imprints from previous feelings of being shut out.
  • Flush away imprints of being treated badly due to prejudice and lies.
  • Flush away the lies you were taught to believe about yourself.
  • Reversing people’s ill opinions of you.
  • Change people’s opinions about you and your situation.
  • Increase your ability to accept the idea of others accepting you into their midst, their lives, their groups and community!
  • Increase others’ ability and desire to accept you as you are.
  • Increase others’ ability to like you.
  • Increase your own ability to see yourself as likeable. Increase your ability to like others.
  • Increase your social skills and ability to navigate social situations.


This attunement counts as 4 attunements in packages and is eligible for inclusion in packages and for being the free attunement in buy 1 get 1 free from 2/2/12.

Several energy functions are included in Social Outcast Reversal level 1 to assist to remove the imprint of these experiences from your body and reality.

Level 2 of this energy system is particularly wonderful in that it provides Social Skills Empowerments to increase your ability to navigate social situations. There are empowerments to help you increase your “likeability”. Your “trustworthy factor” and ability to be accepted is increased in level 2.

Outcast Imprint Flush assist to flush away the physical and energetic imprints resulting from any outcast experiences and feelings of being an outcast.


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