Spell Clearing Empowerment Attunement


Clear out and nullify any spells that have been cast on you or for you.


Spell Clearing Empowerment Attunement – New By Stephanie Brail – Includes 100 Word Follow Up Peekaboo Psychic Reading

PER STEPHANIE BRAIL – This attunement cannot be given away as a free attunement and in buy 1 get 1 free, IT MUST BE the attunement you purchase. It can never be the freebie. She also doesn’t allow her attunements to be swapped or traded. She also has asked that her attunements not be included in packages of more then 2 attunements.

The Spell Clearing Empowerment is an extremely powerful energy that works to rid you once and for all from the effects of unwanted spells, hexes and curses. The energy was received directly from spirit and is activated by your higher self. It clears out and nullifies any spells that have been cast on you or for you on your behalf. It will also clear out spells that may be affecting you that have been cast on others.

Please send your picture for this attunement to pinklady420@aol.com. You will receive the manual written by founder, Stephanie Brail. You can either have this attunement chi balled to you or by appointment.


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