Victim Mentality Flush Attunement


Empower yourself to take actions in your life that bring about positive results.


Victim Mentality Flush Attunement + 100 word psychic reading

The founder of the Victim Mentally Flush Attunement is Tracey Loper, and it comes with a manual. The purpose of the attunement frees us from having the mindset of being a victim and also frees us from the belief that do not have any control over our lives. The energy of this system will free us from feeling sorry for ourselves and from lower and negative thoughts that keep us stuck.

The flush will clear away sadness and self pity and empower us to take actions in our life that bring about positive results. As we move out of the victim mindset we are free to create whatever we desire. We will become the proactive people Spirit created us to be so that we can begin focusing on what we can control and stop focusing on what we cannot control. This will give us great personal power, freedom and influence. As a result of using this gift of Spirit we will no longer find.

Please send your picture to You can receive this attunement by appointment or by chi ball.


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