Yin Yang Magnetic Attraction Reiki


Bring in new love, Increase Wealth, etc.


Yin Yang Magnetic Attraction Reiki – New – By Elaine DeCarlo

A free MYSTERY LOVE READING (NO QUESTIONS) included when the attunement is chi balled to you with the manual.

This is a beautiful system that clears out all negative patterns, while replacing them with positive attraction energies. It will promote positive changes in your life in relation to the following:

  • Emotional Healing Balancing
  • Energetic Healing Balancing
  • Increasing Your Wealth
  • Increasing Your Perceived Attraction by Others
  • Bringing in new love
  • Promoting positive energies surrounding your aura
  • Manifesting Positive Change in Your Life
  • Removing Blocks
  • Healing Current Relationships
  • Healing Past Relationships
  • Balancing Your Energetic Environment
  • Bringing About More Peace in Your Life
  • Promoting More Self-Confidence
  • Manifesting Whatever that you wish!!!!


This attunement counts as 2 in packages. Please send your picture to pinklady420@aol.com. You may have this attunement in real time or by appointment.


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