Diamond Facets Soul Freedom Reiki Attunement


Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing


Diamond Facets Soul Freedom Reiki Attunement – By Elaine De Carlo – Added 5/23/11 – Incl. 5 Question Psychic Reading

This attunement counts as 2 attunements in packages.

Some of the benefits of the Diamond Facets Soul Freedom Reiki Attunement are:

  • Emotional & Spiritual Cleansing
  • Connecting with your Over-Soul
  • Connecting with Past Lives
  • Connecting with Universal Energies, thus experiencing Oneness
  • Ability to draw down protection when Universal power is needed
  • Channeling power & protection to others when needed
  • Gaining a deeper respect & understanding of Nature
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the Circle of Life
  • Gaining a more balanced view of Your Own Path
  • Maintaining a more energetically Balanced System
  • Renewal & Strengthening of Entire Energy System
  • Many more positive effects to be experienced Individually


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