Rejection Flush Empowerment Attunement


Overcome rejection and heal from its effects.


Rejection Flush Empowerment Attunement + 3 Question Psychic Reading on your love life.

The founder of the Rejection Flush Empowerment Attunement is Tracy Loper, and it comes with a 16 page manual. This attunement will aid us in overcoming rejection and healing from its effects. The comforting energy will wash away false truths that tell us we are unlovable just because someone rejected us. Any feelings that have colored our idea of who we are will be removed so that we can regain a truer vision of who we are really.

Using the Rejection Flush Empowerment Attunement will reconnect us to the Divine Source where we are fully accepted, in glorious grace and love. We will appropriate this truth so that it becomes reality in our hearts and lives.

My experience with the Rejection Flush Empowerment was that anyone that had ever rejected me was brought into a group in front of me and divinely shot into disappearance.

When purchasing the rejection Flush Empowerment, please send your picture and your 3 questions to Also please let me know whether you want this as by chi ball or by appointment.


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