Soul Mate Karma Cleansing Attunement


Past Life Karma, Attracting Love/Soul Mate


This attunement will be sent by chi ball and is followed by a SOUL MATE PSYCHIC READING-NO QUESTIONS. It is whatever I channel.

The intention of the Soulmate Karma Clearing is to  free  the blockages within in you that prevent happiness in love.  The Soulmate Karma Cleansing Attunement will also eliminate toxic, malicious and malevolent energies (including the ill wishes and ill intents of others). Soulmate Karma Clearing clears out any energy which obscures blessings and success in love.  Soulmate Karma Clearing not only works on past lifetimes but on this lifetime, as well! .

Soulmate Karma Clearing Energy Will help you with: .

Past Lifetime Soulmate Karma Clearing

Present Lifetime Soulmate Karma Clearing

Removing Obstacles

Love Protection

Love Expansion

Soulmate Attraction

Soulmate Love Positivity

Release of Love Potential

Developing New Inner Beliefs for Love Love Wisdom

Love Synchronicity




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