Abundance and Prosperity Reiki Attunement.


Develop a prosperous attitude


Abundance and Prosperity – By Argandini Titisari -Added 12/28/10 – Includes an abundance and prosperity Psychic Reading

Counts as 4 Attunements in Packages.

You will receive a Psychic Reading immediately after your attunement. Ask up to 4 questions regarding the subject of abundance and prosperity.. Each question must be distinctively different from the other, and each question must be in two lines or less.

Abundance and Prosperity Energy Source will help with:

  • Canceling thoughts of scarcity
  • Dissolve blocks to prosperity on the cellular level
  • Alter non beneficial poverty frequencies, suggestions and vow of poverty in past lives
  • Readjust your belief systems, memories, emotions to attract prosperity
  • Gives you a prosperity consciousness, so that you can welcome new financial growth.
  • Developing of a prosperous attitude
  • Stimulation of your subconscious mind to attract the physical manifestation of Prosperity and abundance into your life.


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