Abundance and Prosperity


Develop a prosperous attitude


Abundance and Prosperity – By Argandini Titisari -Added 12/28/10 – Includes 250 Word Psychic Reading

Counts as 4 Attunements in Packages.

You will receive a 250 Word Psychic Reading immediately after your attunement. Ask up to 4 questions. Each question must be distinctively different from the other, and each question must be in two lines or less.

Abundance and Prosperity Energy Source will help with:

  • Canceling thoughts of scarcity
  • Dissolve blocks to prosperity on the cellular level
  • Alter non beneficial poverty frequencies, suggestions and vow of poverty in past lives
  • Readjust your belief systems, memories, emotions to attract prosperity
  • Gives you a prosperity consciousness, so that you can welcome new financial growth.
  • Developing of a prosperous attitude
  • Stimulation of your subconscious mind to attract the physical manifestation of Prosperity and abundance into your life.


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