Augustus Empowerment Attunement


Invoke sskills of persuasion and as a wealth creator.


Augustus Empowerment Attunement – Founder Mariah Windsong.

A free psychic reading is not included. You will be informed as always when your chi ball is completed.

Augustus, Latin word Augere meaning ‘to increase’ can also be translated into ‘the illustrious one’ Title of Augustus was given to him and is a religious title instead of a political one. Augustus empowers those who chose to invoke him with his skills of persuasion and as a wealth creator. You will also be empowered to:

  • Inspire Confidence in others towards you
  • Inspire Loyalty in others towards you
  • Promote your Powers of Persuasion
  • Recognize abilities w/in yourself that could be better utilized
  • Create Steadfast Interest in activities that yield wealth
  • Bring Decisiveness to your Decision making ability
  • Give Wisdom and Motivation to gain wealth
  • Increase your acumen in Money Management
  • Broaden the view of your role in community life
  • Give you wisdom to recognize your responsibilities
  • Create ease of carrying out your responsibilities
  • Reduce greed by increasing noticing of where you can help
  • Give Gracious Demeanor to accept Honors & Authority
  • Ease of knowing what is right & what is wrong for you
  • Spiritual Maturity displayed in Humility & Right Judgment
  • Confer upon you Mediation Wisdom
  • Gain skills to Wisely Negotiate w/people of various opinions
  • Gain Ease of Delegating to people who want to work for you


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