Package of 6 Designer Reiki Distant Healing Bundle – One Issue Only


This Reiki healing package of 6 designer healings ($40 Each)


Change your life with this 3 week (2-per week) transformational Reiki Healing Package. The first  session  will be done by appointment while you meditate. The 5 other reiki healings will be done at non specific times. I will send your healing by chi ball, and you can meditate and call in the energy at a time convenient for you. You do not have to meditate and call in the energy if you do not wish to, because each Reiki healing is done by intention. After each Reiki healing, you will receive a FREE approximate 100 word psychic reading of what I picked up during your reiki healing session.  We will do the first session immediately after the phone  or zoom psychic session while you meditate.  Please choose 1 ISSUE ONLY for your Reiki Healing sessions  from the list below for your designer reiki healing sessions.  

This Reiki healing package is $240. 

Recovering from surgery and/or emotional reasons for your physical ailments. Please do not stop your medications prescribed by your doctor, and ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR.

2. Releasing negative karma from this lifetime and all other lifetimes-Includes releasing negative and stuck energy within you. Also includes releasing negative Karma between couples

3. Healing your inner child – Includes fear of intimacy and commitment and abandonment and  rejection issues. If you have trouble getting men or women to commit, I usually find that the person I am doing a healing on has intimacy and commitment issues as well. You cannot let love in unless
you release all the fear, grief, shame, sadness, trauma, anger, etc. that is covering your heart.

4. Bringing Divine Order into your life, certain situation or relationship

5. Chakra Cleansing and balancing

6. Clearing up guilt – Jewish guilt, sexual guilt, etc.

7. Creating the fountain of youth within you

8. Raising your soul vibration

9. Healing a broken heart and moving forward in your life.

10. Raising your life condition – When you raise your life condition, miracles happen with money, career, love, etc. 

11. Creating a wealthy aura/prosperity consciousness

12. Angel activation – love, romance, abundance & prosperity, etc.

13. Angel Power Healing – Activating your Sexual Angels, 

14. Raising your Sensual and Sexual Vibration

15. Weight loss 


17. Rekindling the flame of love, passion and desire within you, Discovering the true inner lover within you

18. Bringing in your soul mate/twin soul

19. Income Booster Shots for Business Websites,  ebay stores, etc.

 20. Removing blocks to prosperity and abundance (not associated with income booster shots for your website). 

21,  Body Beautiful – For Women or Body Handsome for men.

22. Yoni Healings for women

23. Wild God or Goddess Healings – Bring out the tantric sexy God or Goddess within you. 

24. Healing your childhood issues with your mother or father. The relationship you have with your father is how you have it with men in your adult like, and same goes for men with their mothers. 

25.  Falling in love with your body

26. Pheromone Activation to attract the opposite sex

27. Reiki Healings for emotional issues in a relationship which prevent you from being in a successful relationship. Removing emotional blocks within you that are preventing you from being in a healthy relationship with a man/woman.This healing is NOT to bring your lost love back. If through your healing he comes back, it is because your energy changed. You cannot, however, change someone’s will. 

28. Reiki Healings for Singles opening themselves up for love.

29. Reiki healings to help you remove blocks to remembering your dreams. 

30. Inner and Outer Clutter – Release what no longer serves you in your home, so that you can heal your life and move forward to a more abundant and rewarding life. 

31. Angel Activations

32.  Reiki Healings for people with writers block. 

33.   Paradigm Shift from Scarcity to Abundance.

34.   Paradigm Shift from believing you are unlovable & unworthy to believing that you are lovable & worthy.

35. Goddess Activations – Feel connected to the inner goddess within you.