Inner Child Reiki Distant Healing Package Of 3


$15 off a Reiki Distant Healing Package of 3 until 1/4/19.


The three Reiki distant  healings will be done BY APPOINTMENT every two or three days. We will pick a time in which you are able to meditate while I send your healing to you. Your healing is done by intention. Yours and mine. 

I am a Usui Reiki Master, and I serve as a vessel for the divine to come through and work on healing your issues.This Reiki Healing Package of 3 is about healing your Inner Child. You bring whatever you went through in your younger very sensitive years  into your adult years. Perhaps one or both of your parents caused you to feel emotionally and/or physically abandoned or you felt different from everyone. As a youngster, we take on the beliefs of our parents, and it can definitely affect us in adulthood. If your parents worried about money all the time, this could affect you in different ways. Perhaps you overspend, because your parents did not spend enough money on you. Perhaps you  now don’t spend money and appear miserly, because you took on your parent’s beliefs about money. What about love and relationships? .  If you are a man, the relationship you had with your mother in childhood effects you as an adult in your relationships. For a woman, it is their father. If you felt abandoned as a child by a parent, then you could be creating relationships where you are constantly recreating being abandoned.

Healing your inner child  Includes fear of intimacy and commitment and abandonment and  rejection issues. If you have trouble getting men or women to commit, I usually find that the person I am doing a healing on has intimacy and commitment issues as well. You cannot let love in unless you are able to release the fear, grief, shame, sandess, trauma, anger, etc. that is covering your heart. This Package includes an email reading with each healing.