Love God & Goddess Dream Reiki Healing Package of 12 For Love, Soul Mates, Etc.


12 Reiki Healing Sessions + one 15 minute phone reading. Valued at $530. You pay $480.


This package includes a  FREE 15 minute phone or skype session (valued at $50) BEFORE your reiki healings begin, so I can connect with your energies and see how to proceed with your Reiki healings. A psychic reading is included.

Your Reiki healing sessions will be done at a rate of 2 or 3 per week- The first one  will be in real time by appointment and the others will be at unspecified time. Please allow from 20-60 minutes for the energy to flow through you while you are  meditating. You will receive a brief reading after each healing session on what I picked up during your reiki healling session.

Pink is the color of universal divine love, and it is connected to our Heart Chakra (4th Chakra).

I use my psychic abilities to tune into your situation, and I will work with  any of the Love Gods or Goddesses of your choice.   to free you of  your trapped emotions and in taking down your heart walls  in your present lifetime, past lifetimes and in your ancestrial lineage + attracting a soul mate relationship to you. In between your sessions, I will teach you how to program your choice gods or goddesses into your dreams for added results.

Remove Heart Walls and Trapped Emotions that keep you stuck in the past.

Opens Up Your Heart Chakra

Attracts a healthy love relationship 

Helps to let go of the past



Calm And Peaceful Feelings

Uplifts Your Spirit






To Feel More Feminine (softer pinks)

To make yourself non threatening to others.

Playfulness (hot pink)



Tenderness (light pink)

Alleviates Friction (hot shades of pink)

To be more approachable, available and attainable.

Removes feelings of hurt, abandonment, regret,  anger, etc. that keep you stuck in the past.

Attract a soul mate relationship to you.

Improve existing relationships





Please note: I do not make any guarantees on my Reiki healings for creating true love. We all have free will, and sometimes a person’s true will can get in the way.


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