Yoni Healing Package of 6


THis is a yoni healing package of 6 to heal issues for women with sexuality.


Yoni is a sanscrit word meaning sacred space. Simply put, in the English language it means vagina and is considered to be your “sacred place”. This type of healing can help remove sexual guilt and sexual trauma and can help you to reconnect with your sexual spiritual self. These sessions can help you to fall in love with your intimate sexual self. Many women have never actually seen their Yoni. For them, it is taboo. Your Yoni is like abeautiful flower. When you see it that way, you will feel more connected sexually and spiritually.


Your yoni healing will be done at an unspecified time within 2 days of purchase. You will receive your healing within 48 hours of purchase. Your healing will be sent to you in a beautiful chi ball for you to meditate with.


 These reiki healing sessions are done at a non specified times; Although not necessary, I can send you your healing in a chi ballWhen setting up an appointment, please set aside at least 30-60 minutes of uninter, so that you can meditate with this energy later. . After I have completed each distant reiki healing session, I will immediately do your energized channelled free psychic reading. Your psychic reading relates to your reiki session and includes some important points that I picked up during your session.


You will also be given an affirmation that you must repeat everyday for 21 days. It takes 21 days to shift a belief or pattern within you.


HOW IT WORKS-I will do a BEFORE psychic reading by email, so that I can know how to proceed with your healing. If you have something specific you’d like me to focus on, I can do that. AFTER your session, I will do another brief email reading to see any future transformation within you. You will receive both these readings after your session.



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