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Her prediction came true

Linda predicted a lover returning and expressing something to me in a 9 time frame. It was 9 months when he returned and told me he was divorcing his wife. I’ve had 3 feelings readings from her and they seem to be spot on, hoping this most recent one is […]

Linda is AMAZING

Hi All, I have been coming to Linda for nearly two years now and I was always a sceptic but found myself in a place where I needed some guidance and decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did she is AMAZING she has not failed me yet! […]

Truly Gifted!

I have received 3 email readings from her within the past 4 years regarding my relationship. With every phase and change the relationship has been through, her detailed insight has been spot on. Her readings give me clarity, focus, and peace of mind (whether I like what she tell me […]

Her Readings Are On Point

I have received many readings from Linda both via email and via telephone. I purchased her attunements and her kindle ebooks. Her accuracy is undeniably on point. She has described the person or situation with such accuracy and with great detail. Her time frame is very accurate whether past or […]

You are excellent and incredibly awesome.

Namaste Divine Soul Linda, I am eternally grateful to the creative infinite intelligence in me which guided me to you and to the infinite intelligence in you that responded to me perfectly at the right time. You are amazing, outstanding and unique. You are connected to your higher self and […]

Skeptic turned believer

I came across Linda’s website a couple years ago but never utilized her because I had been burned so much before in the past by so called “readers”. Fast forward to a couple of months ago I found a video of hers on YouTube and thought “why not?”. I purchased […]

Emerald attunement

I feel this is such a strong and manifestation attunement and be prepared for its enlivening energies to feel your true positive worth and potential and abundance in love and happiness.Janet K

Amazing experience

« I had hired pink chick for a reading … her reading turned out to be accurate . This guy i had a crush on liked me but he had truly decided not to pursue me . I found out the exact same thing when I saw him Again during […]

5 years of accuracy

I came across Linda about 5 years ago online and have been using her consistently because her accuracy is unparalleled. We have done email readings on career and relationships and even a phone reading. Extremely grateful for her gift and she has helped me gain clarity through some difficult times. […]

I love to get readings

I love to get readings from Linda. Her readings are very insightful and have given me the much needed guidance at crucial points in my life. Thank you Linda and I wish you the very best. With lots of love. SK  

19 years of jaw dropping accuracy

I started getting readings with Linda in 2000. She has always been accurate and I honestly feel she’s better now than ever. Spot on details that I have never had to give her! I love every single reading I get from her! TRUE psychic!! Deidre

Authentic and reliable

I was the biggest skeptic when it came to psychic readings and was very careful about who to trust. I found Linda by chance and am so glad I did, her readings were not only accurate but they changed my entire life. Linda’s readings helped me find peace in parts […]

Goddess Kurakulla Testimonial

I have a testimonial about the Goddess Kurakulla attunment. She has helped me to brave new changes and to be more determined about my life and my goals. JT 2/7/19


I had my first reading from Pink Chick Psychic nearly 6 years and 3 more to follow up. She was spot on and Amazing!!! Best readings in my life!!  KW 1/20/19

Linda has helped me with

Linda has helped me with the feelings readings for about 4 years now. She has helped me a lot with my lovelife. Her readings and timeframe predictions have been accurate for me throughout. She is very straightforward/direct so everything is clear in her explanations. Linda is really gifted in what […]

Amazing psychic

I first found Linda about 19 years ago ! I have had countless readings with her through the years , I particularly love the feelings readings as they were so accurate it was amazing , that they really helped me on my Journey That’s why I return 🙂 L xxx

Feelings reading

I received a reading back in October from Linda Kaye. I feel like she picked up a lot of accurate information. A lot of what she said has happened and some of which I am still waiting to happen. But I have a feeling that what she told me will […]

She’s super gifted

Linda is the go to psychic I come to when i need clarification on FEELINGS! no doubt she gets into the heart of the people I’ve askd about over the years. It is not a general “feelings” reading as she will tell you things that are accurate and specific to […]

I haven’t had a more

December 25, 2018 – I haven’t had a more accurate reading from any other psychic. Seriously. Everything the Pink Chic Psychic says, for the most part comes true. And usually a lot more is revealed that I didn’t know! The details she’s able to channel always blow me away! I’m […]

Feelings reading

Ive been getting readings for almost a year and Linda has been spot on! She doesn’t know anything but his name! I’m a happy customer! A++++  J

December 15, 2018

Really enjoyed my email reading with Linda Kaye! Extremely insightful, detailed, and very accurate. The quick response on her end and detailed reading really helped me get through a tough time and see clarity. I will definitely be using her services again. Thank you again for the insight.

November 16, 2018

I always find Pink Chick Psychic amazingly spot on. Her readings are filled with rich insight and details that always makes me as: “how did she know that?”. This helps me in decision making. If a potential relationship isn’t right or has run it’s course, I have the confidence to […]

November 15, 2018

I have been a client and follower for so many years. Also puchased the ekindle book of “How to Know If Someone Is Thinking of You”, read all her articles. Very fun, yet intuitive. Amazed at how she can channel into anyone’s feelings and thoughts. So glad to be part […]

November 15, 2018

Linda did a reading for me that cleared through doubt of the darkest month if my life . I had never experienced what I did and she put the light on for me . I know now how to perceive the situation and how to act and have regained my power […]

November 14, 2018

I am really happy and love the Lilac Power reiki attunement from Linda Kaye. It works very fast and well on energetic intrusions and clears a low mood. Great for protection. I always get so excited for my readings on the certain listed attunements as well. Thank you Linda.

October 17, 2018

Linda rocks! She is the real deal; a true lightworker with genuine (and AMAZING!) clairsentient abilities. I first found out about her when I purchased the Kindle book to gain insight on my experiences with telepathic energy exchanges I was having with a woman I had met and dated earlier […]

October 16, 2018

I’ve been coming to Linda since 2014, and she has ALWAYS been spot on, on her readings. She’s is truly gifted and what she does. Everything she’s told me about the guys I’ve asked about have been true. Up to this date I still come to her, because I trust […]

September 2, 2018

Pink Chick , you are something else. I cannot believe how accurate your feelings readings are.   I received a reading about my ex boyfriend.  You made it very clear that you did not want any information -just his first name. You said he would be back in a one time […]

July 9, 2018

I get a kick out of  your readings Pink Chick. I have had many email readings from you, and you are always insanely accurate. You only give approximate timings, which now that I think about it is a good thing. You do not give false hope.  Your feelings readings are […]