Cruise Planning In My Dream Last Night

Dear Archangel Uriel,  Archangel Chamuel and Morpheus (Lord Of Dream). in my dreams tonight, please work with me in reprogramming my subconscious mind to attract, allow  and maintain a beautiful fulfilling long lasting soul mate relationship to me and to attract, allow and maintain greater wealth and abundance into my life. Help me to successfully lucid dream, so that I could raise my wealth vibration, and close the door to the past and move forward into the life of my dreams.


It was all about travel. I decided to go on a Bare Necessities nude cruise; however, in order to save $1400, I decided that I needed a roommate. My roommate who was chosen for me was this Asian guy who from what I could tell from just talking to him would be touchy feely and would come on very strong sexually. I decided to fork out the extra money for the cabin to myself for $1400. I also realized that the cruise would be a lot sooner then I expected in the month of May. I was concerned about spending an extra $1400. I did it anyway, but not without worrying about it. I was also with a group of people. and we were taking a bus to our destination. There was a dog with us.


Angel number 1400 is telling me to let go of the past, focus on the future and to stop worrying about money. I may have sabotaged a possible relationship, because I didn’t allow him to room with me in the dream.

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