I Am Goddess A Sexy  Goddess Goddess Beautiful Beautiful Amazing Divine Authentic Love !!

I am a sexy goddess affirmations to help you feel and believe in yourself as a beautiful sexy goddess that you are by divine right.

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For me, the Goddess is the female version of the God within me. HE’s there to connect with if I so choose. And by divine right, so is the Goddess. I choose to embrace her; and in doing so, I believe more in the beautiful sexy Goddess that I am. I choose to bring my inner sexy Goddess out through Goddess affirmations and through praying with a pink or white candle. When you light the candle, stare into the flame and talk to your divine sexy Goddess as if you would God. SHE listens as does God.

The sexy Goddess is a feeling within us. Every woman is a sexy beautiful confident powerful sexy Goddess, and every woman is Goddess Beautiful. A Yoni Goddess is a woman who possesses an inner confidence, inner power, strength, and she has a sexy Goddess mind. She romances her inner sexy Goddess through capturing that “feeling” within her.  She accepts her sensuality and sexual self. Every woman is sensual and sexual in her own right, but some women don’t know how to recapture that Sexy Goddess p-aet of themselves. I say recapture it, because we are all born with Sexy Goddess energy; however, it lays dormant until we are ready. It is ours by divine right to connect, feel and experience our Goddess energy.

It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, our sexy Goddess essence shines through us. I personally have experienced that incredible feeling of being Goddess Connected. We have to BELIEVE, and sometimes we naturally forget. We’re perfect Goddesses in God’s eyes 100% of the time, but not in our own eyes.

We are naturally and divinely born with healthy sexual beliefs (even though we are too young to be aware of them). Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our frame of mind; however, childhood parental issues and other issues and traumas, along with society’s beliefs about sex and our parents’ beliefs about sex, inadvertently are passed onto us. All of this shapes the way we FEEL and experience sex. I believe that the biggest mistake that parents make is they don’t tell their children that their genitals can be such a wonderful and healthy source for feeling good and that being sexual as an adult is healthy. The inspiration and the main reason why I became a Reiki Master is to work with Goddess healing energy and to help women heal from the inside out. I also love working with the different mythical Goddesses, because of their powerful healing modalities.

Doing Yoni healings is a very important part of doing Goddess healings through reiki.. Many women are taught that their Vaginas are dirty, and as a result they have many sexual issues, which is why I do Yoni Healngs. Yoni is a sanscrit word meaning sacred space. Simply put, in the English language it means vagina and is considered to be your “sacred place”. This type of healing can help remove sexual guilt and sexual trauma and can help you to reconnect with your sexual spiritual self. These sessions can help you to fall in love with your intimate sexual self. Many women have never actually seen their Yoni. For them, it is taboo. Your Yoni is like a beautiful flower. When you see it that way, you will feel more connected sexually and spiritually. Repeat one of the following affirmations to empower you as as a sexy Goddess.


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