I Am Affirming Beautiful Amazing Divine !!

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The I AM concept for repeating affirmations is the most powerful kind of affirmation that you can repeat, because it is connecting you to your divine source and helping you to go within.  The longer you repeat affirmations the more effective they are. Repeat these I AM affirmations out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day everyday until you see results. The recommended time is 21 days, because it takes 21 days for you to change a belief that you have about yourself. I am a huge believer in repeating affirmations everyday. Affirmations are powerful statements that I repeat over and over again to create the situation I desire to experience. Affirmations have proven to transform my love life, because when I speak my future, I create the future I desire. Affirmations have transformed my life, so they can transform yours. Many people say that they don’t have time to repeat affirmations, but they do. For instance, my morning ritual s to repeat affirmations in the shower, putting on my makeup, doing my hair, etc. Try repeating your affirmations during the day, and then program your dreams for what you accomplish through your affirmations for a double whammy. 

I ALWAYS like to leave it up to the universe and my dreams for who I attract into my life. Although, you can choose to change your affirmations for the purpose of strengthening your relationships through affirmation. Remember, however, that if it is against his/her will, it probably won’t work.