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Divine Order Affirmations

Affirmations are very powerful statements that you repeat over and over again in the present tense as if it is already happening  in order to create a certain situation. They work if you work them! 

Divine Order is God’s Order. You must repeat  the divine order affirmation  of your choice out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day WITHOUT SKIPPING A DAY. Most important, DO NOT be impatient, because you think it is not working if things are not resolved between you immediately.  It is working “behind the scenes”.  You can declare divine order in any situation; however, keep in mind that It could take weeks or maybe even months to bring divine order between you. You can change a seemingly impossible situation into a miracle.

If you have time restraints, repeat your divine order affirmation in the shower, while you are getting dressed, doing your make up, fixing your hair, putting on your clothes, shaving and while driving.


Declaring divine order between you and your lover, ex lover, soul mate, twin flame will help heal the problems and obstacles between you and bring Divine Order to your relationship with your lover, ex lover, soul mate, twin flame, etc. Here are example of Divine Order Affirmations for your love life.

“I declare Divine Order between ____ and me.”

“I declare Divine Order for me in my love life.”

“I declare Divine Order for me in my sex life.”

“I declare Divine Order in my marriage.”

“I declare Divine Order in my divorce.”


Are you a part of a social community? Have you had a falling out with friends that has made it difficult for you to be in your social circle? Many years ago, I was part of a social group in which I had a falling out with a couple of people in this social group. It was difficult to be around these people, and I left the social community I was in for awhile; however, I eventually resolved it by repeating the following affirmations every day. It took awhile, but it worked; and afterwards, everything went back to the way it was before the falling out.  Someone even asked me how the energy changed like it did. They were very surprised.  You can repeat this affirmation with more than one person in mind. Here

“I declare Divine Order between ____ and me.”

“I declareDivine Order between ___ and me and between ___ and me>”

“I declare  Divine Order at ____ a place”.


You can declare divine order for any situation.If you are working in an office, and there are problems in the office, you can say “I declare divine order for me at ____ (name of company), or you can say “I declare divine order between _____ and me (fill in the blank with the name of your boss or co worker). 


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