Welcome To Pink Chick Travel! Your Singles Cruises Representative And Official First Mate For Virgin Cruises


Since I love to cruise so much, I became an Independent Travel Agent For www.TravelFun.Biz, I am an independent agent with TravelFun, and our focus is on solo and yes singles cruises. I am also an official “First Mate” (Travel Agent) for Virgin Cruise Lines.  Did you know that if you become an independent travel agent with travelfun.biz and then you become a first mate with Virgin, you can  cruise on selected sailings for as little as $100 a day. 

The uniqueness of Pink Chick Travel is that once you have booked THROUGH ME, and you have fully paid for your chosen singles cruise and/or Virgin Cruise past the deadline of when you need to pay (usually 120 days before the cruise), I will give you a free psychic love reading by email.

Click on each banner to go to the page on travelfun.biz for that particular singles cruise for the itinerary, etc. . Message me at pinkchicktravelfun@gmail.com or call me at 813-230-8518 9am-7pm eastern for more info, pricing and to book.  

 April  2023, Scarlet Lady- the ship is so uniquely different from any other cruise ship that I have ever been on.  What I love about Virgin is that they cater to Solo Travelers. If you are traveling solo, you will find an invitation in your cabin to attend a solo dinner in Razzle Dazzle the first night. I met some pretty cool people. I met some people on the official Facebook page for this cruise, and I went to dinner with them and brunch. BImini was great, and the weather was perfect for April. You must get to their pool early (opens at 9:30am) in order to get a shade umbrella. 

June 26, 2024, – I just got off the Valient Lady, and what a fun time it was! I found “secret” places to hang out that I did not know existed on the first Virgin Cruise that I went on. I made sure that I went to the solo dinner the first night, and I met some very cool ladies. that I hung out with. Three of us from dinner went together to the Grog Walk together. The Grog Walk is a bar crawl.  I am not much of a drinker, but I wanted to meet and interact with people. We paid $50 each, and they had some fun interactive games to meet others. There were 4 bars, and at each bar we got a drink of their choice. I am a bit picky with my drinks, so they brought me what I wanted. We only made it to two bars , since the 3 of us were tired. We wore our PJ’s to the Grog Walk, because it ended when PJ night began at 11am. I didn’t quite make it to the PJ party. Next time. We could have worn our PJ’s to dinner.if we wanted. The only dress code is that you can’t wear bathing suits to the restaurants. I went to The Ship Show, which was dinner and a show. Loved the show. I only ate desert, because I had reservations at The Wake afterwards. I did not go to BImini due to it being so hot, but I did find a secret shady place to hang out and watch the shuttles leave and return for the beach and pool. Scarlet Night was a hoot. 

Resilent Lady July 28, 2024 out of Greece for only $100 a day. WOOHOO! can’t wait. 


Stay tuned….