Email Readings

WELCOME ABOARD!  I will be cruising the high seas on the Celebrity Beyond March 1-11. I have a few email readings discounted that I will be doing while I am on the ship; however, please keep in mind that it could take APPROXIMATELY 3 days (give or take) for you to receive your reading. The discounted prices will show up on March 1. 10%, 20% and 30% discounts.  Click here for the sales.
Linda Kaye, aka the Pink Chick Psychic, is your go-to spirit sidekick! Dive into a psychic email reading with her and brace yourself for a cosmic rollercoaster ride as she decodes your vibes and deepest musings. From love dilemmas to cash conundrums, work sagas, fluffy pals, dreams, and even heavenly messages from beyond and otherworldly messages – she’s got your back! Linda playfully calls her psychic style “spirit tapping,” where she transforms into a mystical messenger, typing out universe-approved answers as visions and words magically flow from her third eye, through her fingertips, and onto the keyboard!

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