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I Am The Pink Chick Of Caliente Resort – Read About How I Transformed My Life Through The Nudist Lifestyle

I had many blog posts about the nudist lifestyle; however, they disappeared when I moved my site to a new hosting company.

I was raised by a very conservative Jewish mother (RIP) to feel ashamed of my body. and that perfection was the ultimate goal to be achieved. I walked around with a lot of body shame, because I did not feel perfect, and many times I wished I could see what God sees when he looks at me.

It all changed when I turned 25 years old in 1976. I moved into an apartment building in Tarzana, California, and I immediately met my neighbor, Al, a crazy wild uninhibited biker who loved the nudist lifestyle. He basically told me that if I wanted to hang with him, I had to go with him on weekends to Pirates Cove, a very well hidden nude beach in Malibu, California. I thought he was out of his mind.. I was sure that I could never take my clothes off in public. I agreed to go though with a promise from him that if I didn’t like it, we would leave immediately. In order to get to this hidden nude beach, we had to climb all these rocks. I felt a lot of trepidation as we were climbing these rocks. I was not looking forward to the experience of taking my clothes off. We finally got to the nudist section of the beach. I threw myself down on the sand, looked around, and said “Cool”, and ripped off my clothes. Needless to say, Al was very shocked and surprised by how quickly I adapted to the naked environment. In fact, I was nude before he was. After that, we went every weekend that summer. That summer was the most exciting, mind blowing and transformational time of my life. I felt so free, and I fell in love with my suddenly imperfectly perfect body. At the end of the summer, I realized that this man was not my perfect match. We broke up, and I moved out of that apartment building.

I did not experience the nudist lifestyle again until I was in my very early 40’s when I ran into someone that I had dated 20 years before (Bob). He had since gotten married. He introduced me to his wife, and very soon they were talking about this nudist resort called Glen Eden Sun Club in Temecula, California. They offered to take me, and I was beyond excited to finally experience the nudist lifestyle again after so many years of not being a part of it. I had missed it for sure, but I did not want to go alone, and when I would ask guys that I dated, they would get insulted or they would take it as a sexual invitation. From the moment I entered the gates, I felt like I was in heaven. I joined the very next weekend, and I went every single weekend for the next 11 years until I moved on a whim to Caliente Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida July 31, 2003.

When I first moved to Caliente Resort, the clubhouse was not built. We had the Tiki Bar and a couple of pools. It was a family oriented nudist resort at the very beginning. The clubhouse was built in 2004, and the resort officially opened in April of 2004. It then became clothing optional. These days, the Caliente caters to swingers. Although I am a nudist, I love love love the sensual and erotic energy of this lifestyle friendly resort, and I love showing off my perfectly imperfect body. I believe in live and let live. Life is not boring here at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, and that is for sure.

Let’s talk about the nudist and swinger lifestyle.

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