In becoming one with Spirit, all Pink Chick Psychic's love psychic medium readings are channeled with pure love, and delivered to you with warm fuzzies guaranteed to add a twinkle in your soul.

Psychic Love Readings and Psychic Medium Readings for Soul mates, twin flames, lovers, lost loves, first loves, secret crushes, secret admires through automatic writing, spirit writing and clairvoyace and clairsentience
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With a Psychic Love Reading from Linda, Pink Chick Psychic,  you will discover the sparks of your soul mate, the fiery passion of your twin flame, the nostalgia of lost love, the butterflies of first love, the thrill of a secret admirer or the enigma of a mysterious crush. Are you ready to take a sneak peek into the future of your heart? Your ride to the wonders of love starts here!
Linda  is your go-to spirit sidekick! Dive into a psychic email reading with her and brace yourself for a cosmic rollercoaster ride as she decodes your vibes and deepest musings. From love dilemmas to cash conundrums, work sagas, fluffy pals, dreams, and even heavenly messages from beyond and otherworldly messages – she’s got your back! Linda playfully calls her psychic style “spirit tapping,” where she transforms into a mystical messenger, typing out universe-approved answers as visions and words magically flow from her third eye, through her fingertips, and onto the keyboard!

All Linda needs is your first name and the name  hearts desire that you want your reading on. I will delve deep inro the depths of  their soul to channel their most hidden thoughts, feelings and intentions towards you, and your future together. I will also see if you have a future together. You will magically feel as if your soul mate, your lover, your lost love, your rwin flame, your secret crush or secret admirer  is actually speaking to you.

Linda has  been a love, sex and romabce psychic medium and psychic love coach for over 35 years, a Usui Reiki Master for 15 years  and a Juicy Dream Coach for 12years. I will  look into your soul’s deepest desires to find a soul mate. I will show you if it is your soul’s deepest desire to find your soul mate. If it is, I will clearly show you when, where, how and who will be entering your life. I will clearly and vividly describe your future soul mate as well. If it is not your soul’s desire to find your soul mate immediately, I will “see” what is holding you back. To clarify, from just your name alone, she will describe your future soul mate. No other information is needed.

As a result of your psychic reading session by phone, zoom or email, you will feel complete in what you need to know. Most importantly, you will receive unique, powerful and meaningful messages that are are meant for you to hear; not just be want you want to hear. My love psychic medium readings are edgy, unique mystical psychic medium readings will also give you insight into whether or not you have a future together.

Linda also  does creative career and business psychic readings for those of you who are thinking of starting a new business or an already existing business.