It is January 2024, and it is time for me to live an extraordinary life. I did not put Estraordinary Life on the board; however, I believe that I am already living an extraordinary life.  I have actually created 3 vision boards. I created all my vision board on Canva, and they have been printed on Canvas. I have received the first one already, and it is now on my kitchen wall. I will take pictures when the other two arrive.  My vision board for love will be going in the love and relationship corner of my bedroom in Feng Shui. It is my love alter. I have decided that the vision board for wealth will also be in my bedroom, since that is the wealth corner of my home. I will  put it on the wall where my dream alter is.

I attended Colette Baron-Reid’s free 7 day vision board challenge in January of 2024, and she taught  us how to do the vision board with FEELING the connection to what we want to create. I love how Colette Baron-Reid teaches. She is amazing. I have created many vision boards over the years, but this is the first time that I have felt an emotional attachment and connection to my vision board, which is why I printed them out.  I am also currently doing Mike Dooley’s 30 day live your life challenge, and  Gabby Bernstein’s 21 day challenge.  This year is going to be exciting. Thanks to Mike Dooley, I am also doing creative visualization.

I am feeling the energy of new love  coming into my life.  What is important to me is to feel loved, wanted and cherished, and to feel safe in his arms. A great love affirmation is “I am FEELING loved, wanted and cherished by my my new love”. Another great affirmation that I feel drawn to is”I am feeling wrapped up in my lover’s embrace, and feeling oh so secure. I feel safe.

Since I am a love psychic and I consider myself to be an entreprenaur. Some of my wealth affirmations are:

“I am a superstar entrepreneur”.

“I am feeling worthy of unlimited wealth.

“I am grateful for the blessings that I am receiving”.

I love to cruise, and I am booked on 4 cruises this year. My goal is to do more international travel.  Of course, I would love to do a Greek cruise, and in Santorini do the Flying Dress photography session, and of course in a beautiful long flowing pink dress. That is why I added a picture of a flying pink dress in Santorini. Also I feel like that dress in my vision makes me feel OH SO BEAUTIFUL.

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