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I Created The Life Of My Dreams At Caliente Clothing Optional Resort Through Creative Visualization


Your method might be different. It is however it works for you. There is no right or wrong of doing visualization as long as you feel it and believe it. This is the way that I have have always done creative visualization. . I close my eyes, and I talk out loud as if I am talking to a friend.  While I am talking to my ” imaginary friend”,  I tell them about what I  have already manifested. Let’s say you want a new car. Tell your “imaginary friend” all about your beautiful new car. Describe your beautiful new car in detail as if you already have it. FEEL YOURSELF  touching the beautiful car of your dreams and driving the car of your dreams.  Get excited! Remember, nothing is impossible if you believe in the power of manifestation. . Do this everyday for at least 4 or 5 minutes a day. FEEL IT! DO NOT SKIP A DAY. 

I have been a firm and happy believer in Creative Visualization  for many years, because I see what a powerful magical manifesting tool that it can be. I had done creative visualization in the past to create lovers, I would always manifest my lovers  exactly how I visualized them by feeling and experiencing the emotional, sexual and physical sensations until my new lover appeared in my life.  Creative visualization is something that I do everyday at least 4-5 minutes a day. In the past few years I have discovered the wonderful Hay House author, Mike Dooley, I have come to love Mike Dooley’s six week online creative visualization courses, and they work if you are consistent.  


I created my dream home and my dream place to live 20 years ago through creative visualization. I was living in Southern California where I lived all my life, and I so badly needed of change of scenery. I had always said that someday I would move to Florida to a nudist resort. Not that there weren’t nudist resorts in Southern California. I was a member of one. When I found out  in April 2003 that some friends had decided to become the general managers of a brand new nudist resort in Florida called Caliente Resort.  I made arrangements in mid June of 2003, to visit them for a few days with the expectation and intention of living there sight unseen. 

While anxiously and excitedly waiting for June to come, I decided to do creative visualization everyday to create the place that I would live in Caliente Resort. Everyday without fail, for 6 weeks, I saw, got excited, breathed and felt myself living in a beautiful “casita” in Caliente Resort for about 4 or 5 minutes a day.   One day, I saw and felt myself on the patio of my imaginary new home, and suddenly I felt a POP. Although it startled and surprised me, I knew that I had created where I was going to live in that exact moment in time. Mid June is finally here , and I hop on a plane to visit Caliente Resort in Florida.

My friends picked me up from the airport, and they brought me immediately to their temporary casita that they were living in while their villa was being built in the resort. The second that I walked into the casita, I was blown away. It was the “home” that I had visualized. I was so excited.  Their plan was to feel me out for a day or so, and offer to rent it to me; however,  I was so excited that I got to them first. Long story short, July 31, 2003,  exactly six weeks after visiting them, I rented out my condo in Southern California, sold all my furniture, silverware , everything, and moved there on a whim. Our deal was that I would see how I liked living there, so I had a 9 month lease.

Once I was there, I fell in love with the resort. I did more creative visualization and visualized  myself living in a condo there everyday. Most condos had not been built yet. Two weeks after I started doing creative visualization for creating the home of my dreams, I walked into the sales office on a whim (which was not in my exact plan), and bought a condo on the spot pre built. My thought was now I have to get a mortgage. Well guess what! The next day, literally, the guy renting my condo in Southern California called me, and he asked if I would sell it to him. “Name your price” he said, so I did.  That is how much he wanted my condo. The next day, literally, the guy renting my condo in Southern California called me, and he asked if I would sell it to him. “Name your price” he said, so I did.  That is how much he wanted my condo. I was able to create the pink home of my dreams. I love the color pink, and everything in my home is pink. My car is pink as well.  I got to manifest it exactly the way I had visualized it to look like. 

Ahhh synchronicity at it’s best.

Please share with me in the comments below how you use creative visualization to manifest what you desired. 

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